Journalism I Lesson — Friday, April 14, 2017

Instructions: Read the two articles on student journalists at a Kansas high school who broke a story about their principal’s qualifications. You can also listen to the three-minute Skype interview on the Washington Post article if you have ear buds. When finished, respond to the following question by leaving a comment with your name in the Comments section to the left on my website:

Critique the actions and decisions of these student journalists. What did they do well? Did they do anything wrong? Should journalism students publish these kinds of stories?

The New York Times — April 5, 2017

The Washington Post — April 5, 2017


About James E. Lang

I'm a high school journalism and English teacher at Floyd Central High School in Southern Indiana. My interests include reading, writing, literacy, politics, the media, issues of faith, and IU basketball...basically, I'll blog about anything and everything. I'm an independent thinker. I respect all viewpoints and opinions and value reasonable discourse and learning about others. I have been a proud public school educator all of my life. The purpose of my blog is to support scholastic journalism, promote literacy and civic engagement, and explore the social, political, and policy issues impacting education.

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