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Journalism I Lesson — Friday, April 14, 2017

Instructions: Read the two articles on student journalists at a Kansas high school who broke a story about their principal’s qualifications. You can also listen to the three-minute Skype interview on the Washington Post article if you have ear buds. When finished, respond to the following question by leaving a comment with your name in the Comments section to the left on my website:

Critique the actions and decisions of these student journalists. What did they do well? Did they do anything wrong? Should journalism students publish these kinds of stories?

The New York Times — April 5, 2017

The Washington Post — April 5, 2017


Feb. 6, 2017 In-Class Discussion

Website for today’s discussion:

Questions for today’s discussion:


Digital Photography — Oct. 18, 2016

Read the following article and list the nine tips for breaking into the photojournalism field in your notes.

Then, check out the website of Quinn Fitzgerald, former FC Bagpiper editor and current Franklin College journalist. Which of these guidelines has she clearly followed based on your analysis of her website?


Journalism I — What Do You Do? Legal and Ethical Cases

Journalism I: Click below and read the directions for today’s group discussion activity. Then, form groups to complete the What Do You Do? Legal and Ethical Cases:



Journalism I Narrative Writing Analysis — NBA Finals Story — Sept. 8, 2016

Fifth-hour Journalism I students should complete the following in class today, using their I-Pads to access this site:

  1. Read Phil Taylor’s Sports Illustrated story on the 2001 NBA finals. Underline or highlight examples of descriptive narrative writing and strong direct quotes. 15-20 minutes
  2. When finished, form small discussion groups of 3-4. As a group, identify 5 specific strategies Taylor uses to make this a quality example of journalistic narrative writing and reporting. Type up and post your group’s list of 5 in the Leave a Comment section to the left of this posting. Be sure to include all group members’ names in the posting. Also, be aware that your response will not show up immediately — Mr. Lang has to approve and post it tonight.
  3. Bring this NBA finals article to class to discuss tomorrow.


Lang Course Syllabi 2016-17

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year at Floyd Central High School. Below I have posted links to the course guidelines and syllabi for each class I teach.

Mr. Lang

English 12 Honors Syllabus 2016

Staff Contract 2015

Journalism 16-17

Digital Photo Syllabus 16-17

Journalism I Assignment — Friday, Feb. 19

This is your in-class assignment for Friday, Feb. 19. Be sure to follow instructions and complete by the end of class today. You may complete this by yourself or with one partner. You may use your own device or one of the journalism computers in the lab.

Click on the links below and examine and read the two Bagpiper stories, one on breast cancer, and the other on the Boston bombing.

For each story, answer the following questions:

  1. How many sources were interviewed?
  2. Name one specific technique that made each story well written.
  3. List all of the sidebars used with each story. How did these sidebars add to each story?
  4. Name one specific design decision that makes each story well designed.
  5. Brainstorm and list one possible editorial topic for each story.
  6. Brainstorm and list one possible column topic for each story.

Write up and submit these responses in the Leave a Comment section to the left of this posting. Important: Be sure to include YOUR NAMES in the response to receive credit. Be aware of the fact that your comments will likely not show up immediately, as I have to approve them. Also, be sure that your responses are well edited to receive full credit.

Bagpiper Cancer Coverage

Bagpiper Boston Coverage Page 3

Bagpiper Boston Coverage Page 4

Journalism I: Interviewing Notes

Below are the class notes on interviewing from Wednesday, August 6. Just click on the link:

Interviewing Powerpoint 2014