Digital Photo 7th Hour Final — Friday, Dec. 16, 2016

Instructions: Choose four of the six photographs — two artistic and two journalistic — to analyze compositionally. Be sure to identify the most essential composition techniques and their effects.

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Journalism I Newseum Design Analysis — Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016

In-class assignment for fifth-hour Journalism I for Tuesday, Nov. 29:

Visit the Today’s Front Pages Section of the Newseum at the following website:

Locate an example of a well-designed broadsheet newspaper front page from today in the gallery (you might look back at your Chapter 10 worksheet to review what constitutes a broadsheet newspaper).

Your front page must reflect all of the following design principles, so choose carefully:

  1. Dominance
  2. Consistency
  3. Contrast
  4. Proportion and/or Sequence
  5. Unity and/or Packaging
  6. Modular Design

Analyze your selected page, explaining how it incorporates each of the design principles mentioned above. In the Leave a Comment Section to the left, identify the name of the newspaper you have chosen to analyze and your name. Then, explain in 1-2 paragraphs how it incorporates the six design principles. Your analysis must be well written, well edited, and include appropriate design terminology (use the term “headline,” for example; not “title.”)

Again, do not forget your name and the name of the newspaper.

Worth: 20 points. Due today by the end of class today (Tuesday, Nov. 29)

Also, note, that your response will not automatically post to the site; I must approve it first.



Bagpiper named Newspaper of the Year at annual press convention at IU Southeast

One week after being named a Hoosier Star newspaper by the Indiana High School Press Association, the Floyd Central High School Bagpiper was named Newspaper of the Year at the annual Southeastern Indiana Student Press Association Convention at Indiana University Southeast in New Albany.

Friday’s honor marks the ninth consecutive year The Bagpiper has won this award.

The Bagpiper also won first-place in Overall Design and in Front-Page Design. Individual students were also honored for their work, published last school year and in the first issue this school year.

For a complete list of Floyd Central journalists honored at the SISPA convention, click here.

Readers wanting to check out the Floyd Central Bagpiper website can go to to check out coverage of Floyd Central news.

Bagpiper student newspaper earns Hoosier Star award for third consecutive year

Members of the Floyd Central Bagpiper newspaper staff who attended the annual convention of the Indiana High School Press Association at Franklin College on Oct. 19, 2012 include: junior Ashley Vance, junior Bekah Landers, junior Meghan Poff, senior Danielle Rehor, senior Grace Runkel, senior Anna Boone, 2012 graduate Darian Eswine, and junior Claire Defrancisci, along with adviser Jim Lang. The Bagpiper was named a Hoosier Star newspaper based on work published in the 2011-12 school year.

The Floyd Central High School student newspaper, The Bagpiper, earned Indiana’s highest honor at the annual convention of the Indiana High School Press Association on Friday, Oct. 19 at Franklin College, as it was named an IHSPA Hoosier Star Newspaper for the third year in a row.

Additionally, The Bagpiper won first-place in the state in Civic Journalism and Community Journalism for coverage last year of Southern Indiana tornado damage and educational issues.

Individual journalism students were also honored for their work published last school year and for their entries in a variety of on-site competitions. The FC yearbook, The Bartizan, was also honored at the convention.

For a complete list of Floyd Central journalism students honored at the IHSPA convention, please click here.

Welcome to Floyd Central Media Matters

Welcome to Floyd Central Media Matters, the website for Floyd Central journalism, media, and English 12 teacher Jim Lang at Floyd Central High School in Floyds Knobs, Indiana.

Check here regularly for updates, assignments, and project due dates for my journalism, media, and English 12 classes, and for updated information on the Floyd Central Bagpiper and Visionary publication staffs.