Digital Photography: Photo Ethics

Click on the link below to the National Press Photographers Association and examine the Code of Ethics. In your group and with the direction of your editor, summarize the five most important ideas expressed in this Code of Ethics. Focus on proper ethical behavior and expectations for photographers:

NPPA Code of Ethics

Be prepared to report out in class and apply these standards to the photographers we meet in Moment of Impact.


Digital Photography: August 19 Check-for-Understanding Activity (Lines)

In-Class Activity — August 19, 2014

Print out the worksheet. Then, watch the two-minute video clip on using lines with photo composition. Take notes identifying the five kinds of lines and the effect each can have on an image.

After you are finished with the notes and video, complete the activity at the bottom of the worksheet and show your photos to Mr. Lang in class. You must show these images to him and explain each to receive credit.

Video clip worksheet — lines

Photography Composition: Lines Video

Digital Photography: Photography Composition Rules

Check out the 10 Top Photo Composition Guidelines on the website below (Photography Mad), which provides a pretty good start with clear explanations and examples for photo composition. Using the worksheet provided in class, take quick notes on the article below, which will provide a nice beginning for us as we begin to shoot.

Due: By the beginning of class on Wednesday, August 6.

10 Top Photography Composition Rules