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Frankenstein — Final Discussion (April 24, 2017)

In your discussion groups, discuss and form a consensus opinion on the following questions, using your book to compile evidence as needed. Take notes to use in our full-class discussion tomorrow:

  1. Victor Frankenstein had numerous opportunities to stop the events in the novel from happening. In your opinion, what was his “point of no return” moment? When did the events of the novel become inevitable? What makes this moment so different from the others?
  2. Ultimately, who is most responsible for the events of the novel — Victor or the Creature? Why?
  3. What modern lessons and messages does Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein contain for us today?

English 12 Honors — Writing the Abstract and the Thesis Statement

The following are notes to help seniors write their research paper abstract and thesis. Consult these notes and develop a working abstract and thesis statement for Friday, Sept. 9.



English 12 Honors: Senior Paper APA Format

Here are resources on APA format to use as you format your senior paper. Remember that your paper MUST be in APA format:

APA Format-text citations

APA Sample Paper

Lang Course Syllabi 2016-17

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year at Floyd Central High School. Below I have posted links to the course guidelines and syllabi for each class I teach.

Mr. Lang

English 12 Honors Syllabus 2016

Staff Contract 2015

Journalism 16-17

Digital Photo Syllabus 16-17

Socratic Seminar Materials

Floyd Central High School teachers and faculty members can click on the links below for seminar materials over The Canterbury Tales from Tiffany Stansbury and Jim Lang:

Socratic Seminar Packet

The Canterbury Tales Prologue Seminar Discussion 2014

Prologue Character Poster 2014

English 12 Honors: Writing the In-Class Essay

For notes on writing the in-class essay and for citation of sources, click the link below. Your in-class essay over 1984 will be Thursday, Sept. 25:

Writing the In-Class Essay

English 12 Honors 1984 Study Guide

Optional study guide for George Orwell’s 1984:

1984 Study Guide Questions

English 12 Honors: Outliers Weekend Activity I — Question #3

Respond to one of the three discussion questions from Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers: The Story of Success in the Leave a Comment Section to the left of the question. Your response must be well written, well edited, and demonstrate critical reading of the text, including some textual support (page number or quote) to receive full credit. Your response should be a short paragraph, and you need to include your full name. Worth 20 points. Due by noon on Saturday, August 2.

You will then respond briefly to one of your classmates’ posts by noon of Sunday, August 3. This is a brief response. Worth 10 points.

Discussion Question #3 (Chapter 3):

Gladwell states that communities and companies in American society “are convinced that those at the very top of the IQ scale have the greatest potential.”¬†After reading Chapter 3, explain why you either agree or disagree with this statement.