Colbert Satire Articles

Read the following articles regarding Stephen Colbert and satire for Tuesday, April 1:

We Want to #CancelColbert

Washington Post Column




AP Language and Composition Schedule — March and April, 2014

Below is the upcoming schedule of assignments for AP Language and Composition. Absent students should complete the assigned work. All assignments and papers are due to be submitted on the deadline regardless of absences.

It is YOUR responsibility to complete this work by deadline:

AP Language and Composition Schedule March and April

AP Synthesis Focus: Education

AP Language and Composition Students:

Download/print and read the following article from the February, 2014 issue of Time Magazine. Then, download/print and examine each of the editorial cartoons in the gallery below. Consider the viewpoints represented in each and which views your agree and disagree with. Bring these materials to class on Monday, March 17 and be ready to discuss:

Time Magazine Article Feb. 2014