Digital Photography: Ethics — Photography

This is a practice ethical analysis to prepare for this Wednesday’s in-class quiz. Click on the link below to view and read about a controversial photograph taken by Eddie Adams. Be sure that you read the background on the photograph carefully to put the photo in context. Then, briefly answer the following questions in your notes and be ready to discuss. You MAY use any class notes you have taken to draft your responses.

  1. Summarize photographer Eddie Adams’s concerns with the photograph.
  2. In your opinion, what ethical canons from the Society of Professional Journalists did Adams struggle with?
  3. Knowing what you know, would you have published this photograph? Support your opinion with specific reasons; include mention of at least two SPJ ethical canons.



About James E. Lang

I'm a high school journalism and English teacher at Floyd Central High School in Southern Indiana. My interests include reading, writing, literacy, politics, the media, issues of faith, and IU basketball...basically, I'll blog about anything and everything. I'm an independent thinker. I respect all viewpoints and opinions and value reasonable discourse and learning about others. I have been a proud public school educator all of my life. The purpose of my blog is to support scholastic journalism, promote literacy and civic engagement, and explore the social, political, and policy issues impacting education.

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