Journalism I Narrative Writing Analysis — NBA Finals Story — Sept. 8, 2016

Fifth-hour Journalism I students should complete the following in class today, using their I-Pads to access this site:

  1. Read Phil Taylor’s Sports Illustrated story on the 2001 NBA finals. Underline or highlight examples of descriptive narrative writing and strong direct quotes. 15-20 minutes
  2. When finished, form small discussion groups of 3-4. As a group, identify 5 specific strategies Taylor uses to make this a quality example of journalistic narrative writing and reporting. Type up and post your group’s list of 5 in the Leave a Comment section to the left of this posting. Be sure to include all group members’ names in the posting. Also, be aware that your response will not show up immediately — Mr. Lang has to approve and post it tonight.
  3. Bring this NBA finals article to class to discuss tomorrow.



About James E. Lang

I'm a high school journalism and English teacher at Floyd Central High School in Southern Indiana. My interests include reading, writing, literacy, politics, the media, issues of faith, and IU basketball...basically, I'll blog about anything and everything. I'm an independent thinker. I respect all viewpoints and opinions and value reasonable discourse and learning about others. I have been a proud public school educator all of my life. The purpose of my blog is to support scholastic journalism, promote literacy and civic engagement, and explore the social, political, and policy issues impacting education.

9 responses to “Journalism I Narrative Writing Analysis — NBA Finals Story — Sept. 8, 2016”

  1. Alleson Estar says :

    1.) Good detail
    2.) Quotes reflect personality
    3.) Good information about the sport
    4.) Good transitions
    5.) Good hook

    Alleson Estar, Anna Haney, Abby Chovan, Felicia Mou

  2. Sophia Perigo, Sam Wilson, Lexie Scarber, Maddie Miller says :

    Sophia Perigo, Sam Wilson, Lexie Scarber, Maddie Miller

    1. Strong direct quotes
    2. Variety of sources
    3. Very well-edited
    4. Good transitions
    5. He lets the sources tell the story

  3. Emma Blevens says :

    Emma Blevens, Jorah Heitz, and Meg Edwards
    1.) Multiple sources
    2.) He described what he saw, almost like a story instead of a personality profile
    3.) interesting angle
    4.) good word choice
    5.) organized, wasn’t confusing to read

  4. Christy Avery & Abby Brown says :

    1. Good lead
    2. You get a good idea of their personalities
    3. Really good description; you feel like you are there
    4. Really solid quotes
    5. Good general info about team/season

  5. Emily smith & hope farvour says :

    1) He uses good word choice
    2) transitions were smoothe
    3) detailed quotes
    4) detailed imagery & figurative language
    5) consistent with the content of the article

  6. Peyton Rodgers says :

    1.) good quotes
    2.) nice transitions
    3.) good lead
    4.) variety of sources
    5.) secondary sources

  7. Makenna Moravec says :

    1. Variety of sources
    2. Powerful direct quotes
    3. Good lead
    4. Relevant transitions
    5. Has a consistent angle

  8. JD McKay says :

    JD McKay, Adam Hynes, Hailey Janes, Brooke Miller
    1. Good word choice
    2. Showed didn’t tell
    3. Good quotes
    4. Good secondary sources
    5. Anecdotes

  9. Joey Bowling says :

    Haleigh S-Cooley, Destiny Love, Joey Bowling, Robert Wormley

    Fleshing out the people
    Contrasts between subjects
    Dug deep into the relationships with private moments
    Great direct and indirect quotes
    Each paragraph gave a new quality and did not reiterate stale information

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