Digital Photography — Photo Project and Class Lessons — Sept. 7, 8, 9, 2016

Digital Photography Photo Project Instructions

Wednesday, Sept. 7 and Thursday, Sept. 8: 

In-Class Work – choose, rename photos and/or write captions for your photo project. Photos are due tomorrow; captions on Monday. Be sure you have photos selected and renamed correctly by the beginning of class tomorrow; you will NOT have time to do this in class on Friday.

Friday, Sept. 9:

Upload your 8-10 photos to the SEPT. 9 PHOTO PROJECT folder in the journalism lab. You’ll be assigned a computer and will be working in groups of 3-4.

You will create a folder with your Last Name, First Name to store your 8-10 photos in:

Ex: Smith, John

Note:    You MUST have your 8-10 photos saved in your Google Account or on your flash drive correctly renamed by the beginning of class – NO EXCEPTIONS. You cannot email photos to Mr. Lang for this project. It is your responsibility to follow directions. Student not prepared will likely not have enough time to upload photos.

Each photo should be saved as Photo #: Last Name of the Photographer

Ex: Photo 1 Smith, Photo 2 Jones, etc.

Do this BEFORE arriving to class on Friday.

Monday, Sept. 12:

Captions for your project are due. You may either type these captions or hand write them, but be sure each caption is well edited, follows the correct format, and is labeled with the name of the appropriate photo.


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