Digital Photography — Tuesday, Sept. 6 — Pulitzer Prize 2015 Award Winners

Using your I-Pads, gather in groups of 3-4 and go to the Pulitzer Prize website at Take some time to look through and discuss the following two Pulitzer Prize photography winners (note: scroll down — look under Breaking News Photography and Feature Photography — you’ll find each photo story there):

Breaking News Photography — Ferguson — St. Louis Post-Dispatch Photo Staff

Feature Photography — Ebola Outbreak — Daniel Berehulak, free lance photographer for the New York Times

Consider these questions as you examine the photographs:

  • What photo composition techniques were used in each story?
  • What storytelling techniques made each story effective?
  • What connection do the captions have to the photographs?
  • How is each photo story effective?

After examining each story, collaborate as a group and formulate a well-written, well-edited response to each photo story considering some of the questions posted above. Compose and type a 2-paragraph reflection considering these questions and post in the Leave a Comment section on the post on Mr. Lang’s website (it’s to the left of the post). Your reflection must examine and analyze each story and should include all group members’ names at the beginning of the posting. This must be posted by the end of class today.


2 thoughts on “Digital Photography — Tuesday, Sept. 6 — Pulitzer Prize 2015 Award Winners

  1. Stella Adams

    In the first photo story, the pictures captured lots of emotion. The photos are meant to make you feel sad and make you feel bad for the people in them. They also did a really good job showing action. The photos were mostly journalistic and they placed them in a good order.
    The second photo story did a good job blending journalistic and artistic photos. They also showed good emotion. They both were very powerful images in each photo story. Overall they told the stories very well and the captions were well written.

  2. Ariana Watkins

    These two photo stories show two heartbreaking stories. The first one covers Ferguson and what really happened and how the family / town reacted to it. The first photo and caption gives a lot of background information and pulls you into the story. All the photos show a lot of emotion and action and all the captions have a lot of quotes and tell us exactly what’s going on in the photo. The photos of Ferguson show both sides of the story. It shows it from the perspective of the police and the protesters. Also in the caption it gives a date, showing us how it occurred over multiple days. Just as the Ferguson photos, the Ebola photos show us a lot of emotion and do a great job of stopping the action.

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