1984 Essay Questions — Mr. Lang’s Third Hour

Your 1984 in-class essay is Monday during third hour. To help you prepare, you may click on 1984 Essay Test 2012 for the three questions.

Note — READ: My wordpress site is acting weird. If you click on the link and nothing appears to happen, look to the top and click again on 1984 Essay Test 2012 — the pdf should download. I have also copied and pasted the questions in the comments section to the left of this posting just in case.



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One response to “1984 Essay Questions — Mr. Lang’s Third Hour”

  1. James E. Lang says :

    You will write on one of the three essay topics in class on Monday. You may use any notes and your novel. However, this is an in-class essay…you should not write this ahead of time. Remember: you must construct a persuasive argument with a thesis and use the text to prove your argument.

    1. Big Brother’s Techniques — In what ways is Big Brother a dominant figure and how does he control society. Examine at least three techniques this government uses to control its citizens and evaluate the effectiveness of each.

    2. Winston and Julia’s Love – Was Winston and Julia’s love true? To what extent did their relationship reflect the theme that love is stronger than fear? Provide at least three points to support your argument.

    3. Symbolism – Pick three objects from 1984 and explain the symbolic meaning of each and how George Orwell uses each symbol to advance the story.

    Finally, remember that you may write an additional essay on a second topic to make up for an absence during the discussion if you choose. The make-up essay must be typed and should be submitted no later than Friday, Dec. 21 at the beginning of third hour.

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